Experience the surroundings

Noordwijk aan Zee is a wonderfully diversified seaside resort on the North Sea coast. There is plenty to do for those seeking tranquility as well as those seeking action.


Noordwijk aan Zee has different kinds of beaches. These are situated both on the north and south promenades. The beaches “De Duindamslag” and “Langevelderslag” are north of Noordwijk in the direction of Zandvoort.

Villa Binnenzee Strand Noordwijk Villa Binnenzee Strand Noordwijk Villa Binnenzee Strand Noordwijk Villa Binnenzee Strand Noordwijk


Villa Binnenzee is situated at a 10 minute walk to the beaches of the north and south promenades of Noordwijk aan Zee. On the south promenade you can find various trendy beach clubs like The Branding, Bries and Breakers. The Surfclub KSN, also on the south promenade, has been the place for the past 35 years to do all different kinds of surfing and supping. The north promenade also offers several beach pavilions. In general this promenade is more touristy and busier than the south promenade.

Strandvilla Het Katshuis Noordwijk


Beach "Duimdamseslag" (+/- 5 km from Noordwijk) is a quiet family beach and can only be reached via a walking/bicycle path through the dunes. There is a nearby parking place for your car from which you can walk (700 m) to the beach on a pedestrian path. In the summer the beach pavilion there is open for snacks and there are also toilets there.

omgeving noordwijk villa zilverzand omgeving noordwijk villa zilverzand omgeving noordwijk villa zilverzand


The beach "Langeveldeslag" at +/- 7 km from Noordwijk has a large parking area. You can have a bite to eat or something to drink at different restaurants there. Restaurant Nederzandt is open in the winter as well as in the summer. If you are more sports minded the place to be is "The Strand" where various activities are organized every summer.

Jutter Strandrolstoel


For people with walking disabilities

For people who have trouble walking there are ‘Jutter’ beach wheelchairs available for free, the whole year through.  These wheelchairs are made entirely of plastic, have big, soft air tyres and are salt water resistant, so that they can even be used to wade in the sea water. These chairs can be reserved from April to September via the beach pavilions: Take 2 in Noordwijk and at Nederzandt in Noordwijkerhout. In the winter period you can get information about reserving at Noordwijk marketing.


Cycling and walking

At our beach villas you can now also book a bicycle arrangement at Rent-A-Bike van Dam. The bicycles will be delivered right to your door so that you don’t have any bother about getting them yourselves! There are various different kinds of bicycles to hire. You can, for example rent a cargo bike to transport your kids, electric bikes, good touring bikes (including a children’s seat if wanted) and various bikes for children. 


Bicycle and walking routes

The scenic landscape with its extensive woods area, the natural dunes, and not forgetting of course the wonderful smell from the flower bulb fields in spring, make Noordwijk especially suitable for fun bicycle and walking tours. Click on this link to download various walking and bicycle routes in the area.

The Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen

The Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen provide you with a place where you can experience tranquility and space to the fullest. It is exclusively allowed for walkers and moreover here it is even permitted to stroll outside the given paths. Don’t be surprised if you chance upon a group of deer! The dunes are more than 3400 ha which is about 5 km wide and 10 km long and they lie between Zandvoort and Noordwijk. Tours with horse and wagon are also organized through this area. During these rides the dunes get star billing: the panorama around you is just beautiful and while you are enjoying that the knowledgeable guide will tell you about both about the origins and the future of the area. You can book the horse and wagon ride at café De Doofpot. Certainly something fun to do with the children. 


On the scooter, Solex or Segway

Another method of transport or means of exploring the area is to go by scooter or Solex. Rent a scooter at Vespa Verhuur Noordwijk, or a Solex at Solexverhuurbollenstreek and experience the fun of riding on a Segway through the dunes.

Sloep huren in Noordwijk


Sloop rental

Discovering the Netherlands from the water is a unique Dutch experience! You can rent different kinds of sloops for 4 to 15 persons at Marina Rijnsburg. A trip to and through the center of Leiden or a day sailing on the Kagerplassen are just some of the possibilies. And what about taking a cool dip in the water on a hot summer’s day!

Restaurants Omgeving Noordwijk Restaurants Omgeving Noordwijk Restaurants Omgeving Noordwijk Restaurants Omgeving Noordwijk


Wining & dining

Noordwijk is known for its large amount of culinary hotspots. Eating out on the beach in summer and also in winter is possible at one of the beach pavilions that are open the whole year through. The promenade also offers an extensive choice of cafes and restaurants, each with its own specialized menu.


From the villa is it a 5 minute walk to restaurant Onder de Linde, where you can eat deliciously! Some of our own favorites in Noordwijk aan Zee are: Vesper, De Branding/Lodge, BriesRestaurant La Tour, Breakers Beachhouse, Copper, Yan Thai Cuisine, Pauls Recept.


Surroundings of Noordwijk: Buitenplaats Plantage, Pannenkoekenrestaurant Langs Berg en Dal, Restaurant landgoed Tespelduijn, Strand restaurant Nederzandt.



Sea, beach, sauna, spa and beauty: an ideal combination for a delightfully relaxed weekend. That is possible at Azzuro Wellness.


Sport en golf

There are several golf clubs in and around Noordwijk. The Noordwijkse Golfclub has one of the most beautiful golf courses in the Netherlands. The course has been awarded  second place on the European ranking list. Only a few minutes away from Noordwijk is the Tespelduyn golf course where you can also enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner even if you don’t play golf yourself. And just outside Noordwijk you can find Golfcentrum Noordwijk.




Leiden, Amsterdam, Haarlem or Den Haag are just half an hour away from Noordwijk. Leiden, the museum city of the Netherlands is close at hand. The old city centre is also picturesque and full of atmosphere. The historical city of Haarlem is also quite near with the Frans Hals and Teylers Museums among others.  A boat trip through the canals of Amsterdam is really a must! And don’t miss the Ann Frank House or the Rijksmuseum there either. In The Hague you have the Mauritshuis, the Binnenhof (Houses of Parliament) and beautiful royal palaces. Noordwijk is only 25 km from Delft; this is the city of Delfts Blue, Oranje and Vermeer. And if only for the cheese you really should go to Gouda. Except for that the city has a picturesque city center and a fairytale looking old City Hall. Rotterdam can be reached within 45 minutes. This modern city is full of surprises with the biggest harbor of Europe, original architecture like the Cubic homes and the new Markthal.



Amusement parks and day trips

Looking for a theme park or a fun attraction for the kids and family in the surroundings of Noordwijk? There is certainly enough to choose from! Think about: Madurodam, Duinrel, Corpus, Archeon, Hortus Botanicus or Space Expo. Or what about going bowling at Flamingo party center, playing in the indoor park Kidszoo, Power kiting at Nederzandt beach or swimming in Noordwijk’s new swimming pool Binnenzee. And there is plenty more, including Adventure Park De Rollygolf which offers 500 m2 of fun for the whole family with its trampolines and mini golf course.

Bloembollenvelden Keukenhof


And some more tips

Noordwijk-events for company outings, Atlantikwall Museum, in Noordwijk, cooking workshop at The Kookerij and of course a visit to Keukenhof in Lisse is a must. This brilliant display of bulb flowers is just a stone’s throw from Noordwijk aan Zee.



In the high season there is a weekly summer market on the main shopping street and every Sunday there is a tourist market on the Vuurtorenplein (Lighthouse square) in Noordwijk. For an up-to-date list of all the markets in and around Noordwijk click here. On Saturday there is a market in the centres of Leiden and Haarlem. Besides vegetables, fruit, fish, flowers and clothing you can also find delicatessens from all over the world.



Each season has its special events in Noordwijk and Noordwijkerhout. The sea plays a special role in almost all of these happenings. Sometimes it is as scenery, then again it can be as a source of inspiration and sometimes even as a stage for the arts. For up-to-date information check out the events calendar of Noordwijk and Noordwijkerhout, or take a look at the website of Kunstklank.